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We have carried out many projects for ‘not for profit’ organisations but Orbit have been perhaps the most broad reaching and loyal with Projects from the Southern Home Counties up to Norwich.

We were first introduced to Orbit when they viewed the sublet floor at another of our clients’ offices in Maidstone. They were looking to create a new regional HQ with a fresh new look, new working practices and all to a cost effective budget.

Working with the new CEO and Group Projects Manager, we created a considerably more open plan environment, made storage less visually obtrusive and created huddle rooms for confidential interaction between staff and visitors.

With the environment agreed we set about obtaining competitive bids on furniture and key subcontractor packages. Working on an ‘open book’ basis means we truly partner with an organisation to work as a team and deliver a project.

Using the Maidstone project as a template. Subsequent projects were delivered in four more locations including new tenant facing environments. These needed a new solution for an open feel which also provided security for personnel and confidentiality. Conflicting elements needing clever and well considered solutions.

"The team have been a pleasure to work with, always consummate professionals" Kate Nathoo, Thesis Asset Management