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Openbet are innovators in their field, supplying technical solutions in a huge growth area of the market, namely on line gaming. Their teams move quick so Blue Jelly designed and constructed a flexible office for their 400+ staff.

As the world’s leading provider of integrated gaming and betting solutions the new workplace at Chiswick Park was going to be dynamic and flexible.

Having acquired the top floor of the latest building at Chiswick Park, one of the most popular business parks in West London, many challenges were set for the new workplace.

Firstly timing; the team had 24 weeks to design, procure, secure approvals, fit out and relocate. A tight timeframe but essential to ensure the business was moved, settled and fully
operational prior to the World Cup.

The second key aspect of the new workplace was to ensure it could accommodate the planned expansion to 400 staff. Using a quality bench-style workstation made the solution simple. However, with 90% male staff bias, the solution needed a whole new toilet block.

On the comms side, the focus was on resilience and the ability to expand to cater for client requirements. Significant additional power and cooling was installed ensuring the requirement for the next 24 months could be met.

The final challenge was colours. With design concepts initially agreed, a major re-brand was taking place whilst construction was underway. Working closely with manufacturers and suppliers ensured we had production slots to enable the last minute colour confirmations.

"we found them efficient, professional, talented and approachable" Katherine Richardson, Fairfield Energy