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The Positive Workplace is a new concept derived as part of Blue Jelly's commitment to promoting workplace wellbeing. Our Positive Workplace has four holistic elements:

  • Planning – The modern office is about mobility, knowledge sharing, integrating technology and dynamic space planning – How is this achieved?
  • Nature – The eco-office doesn't mean being ‘off grid’. Providing a connection to nature is a key consideration and duty of care by employers – How can you create a healthier workplace?
  • Mobility – How are sit / stand desks, walking meetings and wearable technology helping to revitalise the sedentary office? 
  • Health – An office is nothing without ensuring the health, wellbeing and productivity of its inhabitants. How can workers be well by doing and what can employers do to promote healthier ways of working?

These elements, together with their friend Technology, are explored at length in our Positive Workplace Extended Guide, which can be downloaded for Free via the button below.
We have also produced and accompanying Positive Workplace visual to summarise this initiative, as embedded below. 

Update: 11th August 2016 - We've also now published Our Positive Workplace - An interactive visual that shows how we created our own Positive Workplace at Blue Jelly HQ. 

Download Extended Guide Now

Positive Workplace Infographic

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