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Few things feel worse than an ever-growing to-do list or an increasingly out-of-control inbox. It can be all too easy to let things get on top of you and your productivity could dip as a result. Lilli Hender, from desk and office space marketplace Office Genie, looks at four top tips to make for a productive time in the office.

Allocate time to sort your emails

Technology market researcher Radicati estimates the average worker will receive 91 emails a day in 2016.  Few things are quite as soul crushing as an unmanageable mass of emails so getting them sorted is an important task. 

Some people give up on ever attempting to restore order to the chaos in their inbox, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. Dedicate time every morning to organising your emails; it takes everyone a while to get going and this could be an excellent warm-up exercise that gets you ready for the day. 

Get out of the office

Laptop on grass

One way to avoid a post-lunch productivity dip is to escape the office. Going for a quick walk on your lunch break can help you feel re-energised and ready to tackle your workload with a fresh view when you return. 

Working from home and leaving the office during your breaks can help to improve your work/life balance. This can, in turn, help you feel more positive about work while you’re there. Often the happier you are, the more motivated you feel which can only be a good thing for productivity!

Go paperless

It doesn’t bear thinking about how much time is wasted looking for misplaced items. Rummaging around for pieces of paper you thought you’d filed away neatly not only wastes time, but is stressful too.  To prevent this, try storing your data in the cloud using an app such as Google Drive. It enables you to find documents by simply searching the title. Rather than having to print off numerous copies for others, you can share them with your colleagues online so it’s an eco-friendlier option too. 

Disconnect from the web

If you have to use the internet for most of your working day, there’s a whole world of potential distractions. Everything from social media to videos of cats could stop you being at your most productive, and it’s very easy to get sucked in. 

For tasks that don’t require the internet (if there are any), why not go offline for a while? You may find you get a lot more done when you don’t have the option to browse the internet. If this proves difficult, get into the habit of bookmarking things that catch your eye while you’re surfing, that way you can read them on your lunch break instead of when you should be working. 

Productivity problems are among the hardest to solve in the workplace because you can’t always be on top form. That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way for the rest of the day however: trying is the first step to succeeding. With that in mind, why not attempt one or two of these tips and see how much your output is boosted.  


Lilli Hender writes for Office Genie, a UK-based desk and office space search engine.

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