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Health and Wellness within the workplace has become a highly influential trend within the business world. Companies and organisations are now focussing on making sure their employees are as healthy and happy as can be, and are investing significant amounts of money to achieve this. The workplace has a powerful effect on the health of employees in and outside of the working environment. Employers are no longer ignoring the fact how healthy a person feels affects their productivity, and how satisfied they are with their job affects their own health, both physically and psychologically.

It is important for companies to recognise this cycle and begin to put these implements into place. Healthier and happier workers are not only more productive but are more likely to collaborate with colleagues and become innovative in ways that benefit the business.

There are many improvements you can make to the workplace infrastructures to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, follow these key pointers and we can assure you, you will be feeling more energised in no time!


Keeping Fit:  All managers want their employees to enjoy their working environment, and to be able to bring out the best of themselves in their jobs roles.  If you encourage your employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle by integrating this into their daily work activities, it will soon pay off with healthier staff. 

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Turning your office into an ‘active campus’ will provide your employees with options and lifestyle benefits. It is not just about having a gym or a yoga room in your workplace, there are a variety of office design options to help boost activity: some include a desk outfitted with an exercise ball instead of a chair, standing or treadmill workstations, anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic telephone headsets, wobbles boards and pedometers. These products allow employees to switch body positions throughout the day and gain control over their work environments. These small adjustments to the workplace help employees get in the mindset of fitness from the minute they arrive at their workstations until it becomes ingrained in their behaviours.


“We care about the science behind fitness and healthcare, and we’re all about making it accessible to everyone “ Seven Stones


Taking a Stand with your Desk: It is about time we change attitudes to how people behave at work and change the culture of the workplace, that means moving around a little more, standing up can also make a big difference to calories burned, and how alert, creative and productive you become.  

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Long periods of sitting cultivate physical and mental lethargy, with 45% of women and 37% of men spending less than 30 minutes a day up on their feet at work. It is no surprise we need to start getting employees out of their chairs and onto their feet. Providing your employees with standing desks or workstations may seem like a simple and inconsequential step, however it actually pays significant dividends with more than 31% of employees using standing desks today.


Open Areas:  Companies are noticing the collaboration, creativity and health benefits of communal working areas that encourage employees to move around the office more freely and flexibly, while promoting a friendly atmosphere, as well. Instead of private meeting rooms and individual offices, they are now creating open areas where stand-up meetings can take place, as well as social fitness areas with sofas, game tables, treadmills and other equipment are available to them as they please.

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Employees are not only inspired by an active lifestyle within the workplace, but also to get outdoors and have walking meetings by incorporating green spaces and patios around the office exterior. Standing and walking during a meeting not only provides an opportunity to get some physical exercise, but may also make your meeting more constructive and can even spur inspiration and creativity.


Surroundings: It is not just about the interior and exterior of your workplace, but what you are surrounded by within the air of your office can also have an effect on your employees. High CO2 levels are another insidious cause of worker fatigue. Enclosed workspaces such as conference and meeting rooms often lack the appropriate amount of ventilation and can expose workers to higher than normal levels of carbon dioxide. This leads to drowsiness and general lethargy. Make sure your workplace is ventilated and filtered to keep VOC and CO2 levels to a minimum. As well as this you should allow any natural air into the workspace through your windows. 


A Healthy Workplace = Employee Wellbeing

Health and efficiency have a clear relationship, healthy employees take fewer sick days and are more productive at work, and businesses are starting to take notice. Sitting behind a desk all day is not conducive to health and wellness. It’s important to give the body and brain a break to recharge. Although exercise is key, there are a variety of implements you can use within your workplace, which promotes movement around the office. These health trends encourage and demonstrate wellness as a valuable part of work life. Putting healthy and active design elements into your office space is the first step to a healthier lifestyle for your employees. Promoting a ‘positive workplace’ will encourage a higher level of activity and movement for your workers and in turn make your workplace a place they want to be in and stay in.

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