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Brand Awareness

Many of us can probably remember, particularly in the early stages of our careers, working in a nondescript or anonymous office. Apart from the company sign above the front door we could have been working anywhere for anyone. Recently, however, there has been a change.

Branding is no longer something which is solely used outside of the office, on websites, business cards, brochures and social media. It is now increasingly becoming an integral part of the workplace and not just in office receptions.

We are not talking about the slides found in the offices of Google or Lego or the arcade games of the offices of Facebook. Nor is it about simply slapping the company logo on every bit of wall space throughout the office.

Creating brand awareness in the modern workplace can include placing mission statement quotes, slogans, storyboards, murals, graphics and values throughout the building to ensure the company’s culture, history, visions and goals are clear for all its employees.


A recent job we completed at Blue Jelly saw us incorporate the quote ‘work, play and be kind’ into the office design. We loved that sentiment. Neon signs are an increasingly popular choice for companies looking to raise brand awareness in the workplace.

But it is not all bright lights and slogans. Brand awareness can also be much more subtle, such as using corporate colours creatively in the office and ensuring there is good mix between traditional work environments and collaborative areas. Even furniture, fittings and fixtures can all play a part in reflecting a brand’s ethos.


Why, though, do you need to do this, particularly if you work in an office which does not have many visitors? Well, a branded workplace has many advantages.

The office continues to be the centre of work and many of us spend a lot of our adult life there – around 35 per cent of our waking hours. But as well as wanting to work somewhere that is comfortable encourages our long term health, increasingly workers want to know more about the culture and values of our employers.

A recent survey showed that 88 per cent of millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is very important and it is likely to rise in importance as ‘Gen Z’ (those aged 22 and below) enter the workplace. 

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Getting this right not only enables organisations to attract the best talent but also retain the employees they have already invested in. 

Branding the workplace shows pride in the organisation, the work that it does, and that can help to cultivate an environment of loyalty, mutual purpose and improved wellbeing. This visual stimulation can, for example boost positivity and reduce absenteeism – a significant issue for a number of organisations.

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Also, brand awareness in the workplace can fulfil the important role of reminding employees how the organisation should be portrayed externally to customers – giving them a key edge in the competitive marketplace. If you do have regular visitors to your workplace, branding will also play a key role in ensuring your organisation stays in their mind long after they have left the building.

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