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Does your workplace inspire innovation and collaboration? Does it engage your employees?

If you’re not currently looking to redesign your office, elevating your workspace could be the next best thing. Improving and readjusting the surroundings of the office, or even switching out the office furniture can result in a better workplace for your employees. Creating these types of unique spaces can reinforce your company’s brand identity and atmosphere. Here are our top 7 ideas to help elevate your office from functional to fabulous!


Seated or Standing Desk

Traditionally we have worked at a desk 5 days a week, glued to a computer all day. Whether it's at your office desk or on your couch, all those hours you spend working add up to some pretty grim consequences, such as bad posture and back problems. To help your body benefit from your upright instinct, and give your lower body a break from sitting, introducing sit/stand desks into your workplace could do the trick. Adjustable workstations that let you easily switch between standing and sitting are ideal as they help you mimic the natural rhythm of human physical activity. Shifting positions improves your circulation, which can reduce the health risks of being “chained” to a desk all day.

As an unintended bonus, if you are looking to burn a few calories whilst working, using a standing desk is the perfect solution, shedding up to 600 calories within an 8 hour day! 

In terms of costs, standing desks are more expensive than the traditional desk, as they often include hydraulics so you can sit or stand. However, the cost is an investment in your employees’ wellbeing. Over time, when these are more commonly implemented the costs will also evidently reduce making this a more scalable option.

 Stand Desk.jpg


Wireless Technology

If you've stuck with the wired up mouse and keyboard just because you’re desktop came with them, we feel for you. We do not appreciate the tools we use to do our daily jobs enough. Investing into tools your hands spend thousands of hours on every year is not the worst idea. Wireless Technology now allows us to work freely and comfortably, with each product designed with a good hand feel and better functionality in mind. 

Wireless Tech.jpg



Whether it is a lamp or just a window, the benefits shine through. The presence of ample daylight and wide windows, as well as opportunities for active and passive contact with nature, sensory change and variability, all have a positive impact on people’s well-being in the workplace.

By increasing the amount of light in your workplace whether it is artificial or natural light, employers may find workers sleep better and show up for work more rested, leading to increased productivity. If your office only provides artificial light employees should be encouraged to take frequent breaks outdoors, which could provide a natural rejuvenator that increases alertness and concentration.




Many experts believe that colour has a definite impact on a person’s mood. The colour of an office wall or floor as well as the furniture within it creates an overall office environment that influences how workers perform.

Whether you are thinking of redesigning your office or just adding some artwork to brighten up the place: Keep these colour associations in mind:

  • Yellow: stimulating, bright, cozy.
  • Red: arousing, fiery, aggressive.
  • White: open, neutral, sterile.

If painting your walls isn’t possible, investing in artwork and decorations may make a big difference in overall employee mood.

Small changes like this can be made in individual work areas to improve worker productivity and aid creative stimulation.


"Art ... reinforces people's sense of an environment that's not just a manufactured, walled-in place," says Carlson. "It adds dimension to a space." 




Quiet Time

We all need some quiet time from time to time however silence in a workplace is golden. With continuous distractions and noises in the office we find it hard to concentrate or have much privacy.

Office noise can lead to negative moods, inability to concentrate on a task, and even health issues after prolonged exposure. Whether using headphones to listen to your own music or to block out general noise we would provide employees with products such as noise-canceling headphones, which are a great way to silence the outside noise.

Where possible, also providing workers a quiet place to go when extreme focus is needed is a good alternative. Creating a space which is secure and noise controlled will give your employees flexibility and reassurance. 

Quiet Time.jpg


Going Green

Very basic garden needs can result in employees overall satisfaction with their working environment, such as an abundance of natural lighting, a beautiful landscape, or a potted plant. 

After watching big tech organisations such as Facebook and Twitter introducing ‘green walls’ and other environmentally refreshing office trends to their redesigns, UK workplaces soon followed along.

Going green in your office offers many benefits from the smell, to the look, to how it makes employees feel. Live plants help to clean the air in your workplace, and because of this employee’s feel emotionally healthy and focused when plants are present.

Exposing employees to nature, whether through bringing the outdoors in or through increasing natural exposure to the outdoors, can improve efficiency, due to greater concentration and improved productivity.

Going Green.jpg


Creative Hub

People need space to creatively think. But we no longer want to work in a way that we need to book a meeting room for every group discussion we need to have.

A ‘creative hub’ is the perfect workplace for employees to brainstorm and engage with fellow co-workers in an informal way. We have moved away from the idea of an enclosed room to an open ‘lounge’ area. This unique workplace allows for more spontaneous conversations and creative thinking between employees of different departments.

Take advantage of vertical space by adding ample whiteboards and allowing employees to use glass walls and windows to visually communicate spur of the moment ideas. We should encourage our office space to inspire new age creativity all around. 

Creative Hub.jpg

What do you think of our 7 ideas? Have you implemented any of these in your office? Has it made a difference to your employee’s wellbeing? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please drop us a comment below of tweet us @bluejelly_ 

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