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60 Seconds With ADM

A 60 Second interview with ADM, Kensington 


It is always a pleasure visiting clients after they are settled into their new positive workplace and it was no exception when we had a 60-second interview with Gursh Matharu, Creative Director at ADM in Kensington Village:


1) What were the key requirements for the project?

The key requirements were to create more space, increase desk space and add new breakout areas in a contemporary style for an expanding organisation.


2) What were your main challenges?

Organising the schedule of works during work hours so that the staff could continue to work whilst the building program was in full swing.

We also had challenges with the landlord and a strict building code to adhere to.


3) What was the most fun part of the project?

Being involved at the design stage and having to think about the overall “blank canvas” and working out how to bring the workplace to life, ensuring the delivery of a useable and enjoyable space.


4) What is your favourite outcome, aspect or area?

All employees get great use from the main breakout area, which we named ‘The Hive’ and which was well designed in a contemporary style, making use of corporate branding. We visited furniture suppliers with Blue Jelly which provided ideas and inspiration, used to enhance the area.


5) How did you find the tradesmen on site?

They were great to have on site and incredibly speedy at assembling the new individual offices.  The electricians made me laugh – every morning I would see them standing just staring at the ceiling for at least 10 minutes! I would have been baffled attempting to carry out the wiring too and credit to them, they did a great job!

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